5 Must See Places In Germany

Germany is a beautiful country with a great culture and a lot of travel opportunities. If you are planning to visit German, then you are where you should be. This article has compiled some of the five places you must visit when you visit Germany.

With this list, you will be able to know some places that you have never heard of and hence plan your visit:


Of all the most interesting cities in Europe, Berlin is one of them. This city has a wide variety of fashion, art, and music, so if you are a music, fashion or art lover, this is where you should be. You will be able to learn a lot about them and even put your talents into action. You will also be able to see paintings of various artists displayed on the Berlin wall.


If your travel has a cultural theme, then this is where you should be. This city also provides a lot of entertainment and arts for its visitors. This means that party and entertainment lovers are also not left out, you can visit this city to let go fully. If you are planning to visit the city in November, then you should not miss out on the Cologne carnival.

The romantic road

This scene provides visitors with the opportunity to discover Germany’s rich culture, the scenery, and its medieval character.


It contains a lot of parks as well as green spaces. Compared to any other city in the globe, it is the city with the most bridges.


This is one of the most prestigious cultural centers of Germany. It has a lot of architectural treasures for architect lovers.

For those planning to visit Germany, I believe this has made it easier for you to make your decision. The most important thing should be your safety, always ensure that you have all the safety travel gears while traveling – take a look on ten facts about germany.